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Intimate Point Reyes Elopement

INVERNESS and point reyes elopement

Dawn and Ian planned a beautiful, intimate Point Reyes elopement. Point Reyes is a small town along the coast north of San Francisco. Their adventurous spirit and laid-back temperament as a couple reflected in the day’s plans. Every detail was simple yet elegantly executed.

Point Reyes is a unique wedding location because of how isolated and quiet it is; you’re almost guaranteed to be there without any distractions or disruptions. Rolling hills, large fields, cliffs, and the seashore will surround you. It’s a peaceful place with an enormous opportunity for adventure! It’s one of my favorite places to visit, and I always feel so grateful when couples hire me for their elopements and weddings in Point Reyes. View my Point Reyes Elopement Guide for more tips.

The day started with a one mile hike through a marshy lagoon to the ceremony location. After our hike, the bride and groom turned the marshland into a dressing room. I adored their laid back approach, and sense of adventure.

a california elopement location filled with creative energy

They each had one friend as members of their bridal party. Dawn and Ian both have careers in a creative field, and their biggest request was for their photographs to capture their love for creativity. Point Reyes is a stunning place for inspiration, and it was an ease to capture their creative energy and love for one another.

After their ceremony, Dawn and Ian rode in their vintage Mercedes to Inverness. In keeping with the theme of effortless elegance, we used baby’s breath to decorate the Mercedes for more photographs.

Bride in car after Point Reyes elopement

Dawn and Ian intricately planned each minute detail. Dawn and Ian wrapped their day up at dinner in Inverness at Saltwater, a restaurant on Tomales Bay.

Planning an intimate wedding far from home might feel overwhelming, but don’t let that stop you and your fiancé from having your perfect day in your dream destination. If you want a day that’s laid-back and full of adventure, so you can enjoy each moment without hurrying or feeling rushed, planning an intimate elopement in Point Reyes is for you. I’m happy to help in any way I can, so your day can be everything you’ve imagined it to be. Let’s work together.

Here is a short list of vendors who worked with Dawn and Ian to create their magical day.

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