When Julia and Nick emailed me asking if I would travel to Yosemite National Park, for their wedding, I was crossing my fingers that we would get to work together. Yosemite’s natural wonders are memorizing, and traveling there for a wedding or elopement has always been high on my list. We hiked to their cliffside ceremony location, overlooking the valley with Half Dome in the background. This adventurous elopement was an honor to capture, I forgot I was even at work!

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I’m finally getting around to posting my Iceland photos. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we traveled to this beautiful country! I have traveled all over the world, but nothing compares to Iceland. It’s a photographer’s paradise. We rented a car and drove around the Ring Road, covering the entire exterior of the island. Here are a few of my film images.

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I’m including a few images from my iphone, because I was amazed by how well they turned out. And I couldn’t use my hefty Contax in the helicopter. Icelandic Ponies, Horses, Iceland, VSCO, VSCOCAM Iceland,VSCOcam, VSCO, Waterfall Iceland,VSCOcam, VSCO, Waterfall Iceland, VSCOcam, VSCO Iceland, VSCOcam, VSCO, Hot Springs Iceland, VSCOcam, VSCO, Waterfall Iceland, VSCOcam, VSCO, Helicopter, Tour Iceland, VSCOcam, VSCO, Helicopter, Tour Iceland, VSCOcam, Hot Springs, VSCO, Helicopter, Tour Iceland, VSCOcam, VSCO, Hot Springs, Blue Lagoon Iceland, VSCOcam, VSCO, Hot Springs, Helicopter Tour