Fall always makes me reflect on the past year. This year,  I feel really fortunate to have worked with so many creative adventurous couples, and fellow artists. I love Redwood ceremonies, and the forest at Glen Oaks in Big Sur is always enchanting and romantic. These two tied the knot under a circle of Redwoods. Their dream of eloping under the forest canopy came true. After living in Big Sur for almost eight years, I realize my good fortune. Remaining self employed, working along one of the most beautiful coast lines in the world, while photographing couples on their most important day. I am thankful for this work, for my clients, and for all of the weddings and elopements I continue to photograph.

{Her Dress Free People, Officant Brian Lyke}

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Nora + Nik  were such a sweet, fun loving couple to work with. They held their wedding at Point 16, in Big Sur. With stunning cliffside views of the Big Sur Coast, this wedding venue never disappoints. The rustic charm, dramatic scenery, and welcoming staff of Point 16 have made it a favorite venue of mine for years. Nora went with bold, bright flowers by Big Sur Flowers.  The energy of this aesthetic carried itself through the day. From her floral crown to her backless dress, and the perfect coastal weather…

You can view more of this wedding featured here on JuneBug Weddings.


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Damaris+Mike, so much laughter and love, an honor to photograph their adventurous forest elopement in Big Sur. Damaris’s wedding dress was  a custom design by A Wave Awake.  Mike also wore a custom designed white suit; I love a  couple that brings their own style to their wedding day! The laughter and love radiated under the Redwoods, as they were married by Ken Robins.  A favorite Big Sur elopement.

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Big Sur weddings are always amongst my favorite to photograph. I am spoiled to live and work in a town that has mountains, cliffs, beaches, rivers, meadows, Redwood forests, and the pacific ocean, all as the backdrop for wedding photos.  When it came to Katie and David’s wedding I knew it would be beautiful based on Pfeiffer Beach as their ceremony location, and the Big Sur Bakery for the reception. The Bakery is one of the sweetest locations on HWY 1 for an intimate dinner and dance party. This wedding can also be viewed on Green Wedding Shoes.  Floral Inspiration by Kate.


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It’s been awhile since I have blogged! I didn’t blog any of my 60 weddings from 2015, I was convinced I’d have my new website ready and therefore decided to save everything for that. However, of course with websites they take much longer then expected. So back to blogging I go!

Lisa and David were the sweetest couple from Ireland, they decided to road trip around California and elope in Big Sur. Glen Oaks couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for their elopement, their Redwood ceremony was full of laughter, love and beautiful light.

Officiant: www.bigsurceremonies.com

Flowers: www.bigsurflowers.com


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